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Climbing shoes with velcro. Are equipped with NFA system at toe parts and tip in the shape of an eagle beak. Used asymmetry with effective perforation is a great combination for an unusual experience.

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Three straps with Velcro.

Patented toe


Toe in the shape od an eagle beak for better stability.


CT-47 CH-18

Number of symbols CT - Toe cap axis CH - Heel axis


Special rubber Extasy® has a balanced combination between edging strengths and smear performance. It adapts to any structure of rocks and enables working much more by using the feet and toes. Many years of research, repeated testing and experimenting led to developed of rubber that has no competition.


Today, the company Vibram® is world leader in developing and manufacturing the TOP long life rubber sole, which is resistant to abrasion, adhesion and slipping. At the same time Vibram sole allow natural movement of the foot under various climatic conditions and is crack resistant. Vibram sole retains its properties on wet and dry surfaces.


Microfiber (or microfibre) is a synthetic, incredibly fine fiber made from polyesters, polyamides (e.g. Nylon, Kevlar, Nomer ..) The microfiber is about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. Microfiber is often used for athletic wear, such as cycling jerseys, because the microfiber material wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. Microfiber is ten times more absorbent than cotton. This quick drying fabric is not only much more efficient and practical, it can be much more hygienic than fibres that retain moisture, which promotes bacterial growth. Microfiber is also very elastic, making it suitable for undergarments.

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Saltic is a manufacturer of climbing shoes from Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1989 and they are engaged especially in climbing and trekking shoes but in their range is also clothes for climbing, rope bags, chalk bags and other accessories. They have few models of climbing shoes for each possible configuration, with varying degrees of asymmetry binding purpose and design. All their climbing shoes are made in Czech Republic and trekking shoes are made in cooperation with Italy. More about Saltic

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Foot size (mm) Size EU UK
205 34 2
210 34.5 2.5
215 35 3
220 36 3.5
225 37 4
230 37.5 4.5
235 38 5
240 38.5 5.5
245 39 6
250 40 6.5
255 41 7
260 41.5 7.5
265 42 8
270 42.5 8.5
275 43 9
280 44 9.5
285 45 10
290 45.5 10.5
295 46 11
300 46.5 11.5
305 47 12
320 48 13
330 49 14
340 50 15