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Lightweight, slim, special backpack designed for mountain lovers, especially for those tall (type EL). Durable and robust backpack with great design that ensures optimum load weight distribution and thus ensures stability during demanding treks.
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Deuter Alpine Back System

  1. Load adjustor straps on the shoulder straps and hip fins. Loose for more ventilation and mobility and tight for more control.
  2. Removable insulating sitting mat stabilises the back
  3. Anatomic hip belt with bilaminate foam for comfort and flexibility
  4. Flexible, tensioned Delrin® U-shaped frame provides stability at minimum weight. It follows the most varied movements with absolute ease.
  5. The pivoting Vari Flex hip fins follow complex body movements. Removable for weight reduction.
  6. Two padded straps for perfect ventilation and greater comfort with breathable 3D AirMesh.

PES 600

Made of polyester yarn 600 days with strong PU coating. The fabric is robust and lightweight. Suitable especially for backpacks used in normal conditions where it keeps the minimum weight.

Mini rip 330

Deuter Micro Rip 6.6 is a blend of nylon fiber. The use of nylon 6.6 makes the material very durable, robust and PU coating guarantees water resistance. The material is especially suitable for large batches.

Hydration system 3.0 L compatible

The backpack features a special hydropower pocket, allowing easy and quick drinking on the go. Specifically, it is compatible with the 3.0L water bag.


The X-Frame design serves for better stability and optimal load distribution. The X-shaped aluminum frame transfers the load to the lumbar region, which represents the center of gravity. Controlling the backpack is so much easier.

Vari Flex system

Vari Flex System, leaving the generous hip fins fully mobile. The Vari Flex hip fins follow even the most complex movements allowing tricky sections to be negotiated without losing yor balance - especially important when carrying a hefty load.

Helmet holder

The four helmet mounts are located on the outside of the backpack. This makes it easy and safe to store the helmet without removing the backpack.

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24 months


Deuter si a German manufacturer of hiking bags, bags for snow sports, sport packs and others. It was founded by Hans Deuter in 1898 in Ausburg. During inter-war period they launch the production of tents, suitcases, and other things for the needs of the army. Today is Deuter important distributor of backpacks for sport, trekking or school bags. In addition to it Deuter produces even other outdoor equipment like sleeping bags, first aid kits, gaiters... The main advantage of Deuter products is unique design, detailed elaboration and very high quality. More about Deuter