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Sleeping bag Orbit regular -5°

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Trusty, durable and easy care synthetic sleeping bag for allround use. The perfect companion for cooler temperatures with a functional soft fill. Version: REG (205 cm/1540 g), LONG (220 cm/1650 g extended by 5 cm), SL (195 cm/1500 g).
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Orbit -5

The comfort range

The lowest temperature at which a ‘standard’ woman (25 yrs. / 60 kg / 160 cm) can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. It also allows a comfortable sleep for inexperienced users.

The lower limit

The lowest temperature at which a ‘standard’ male (25 yrs. / 70 kg / 173 cm) can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. An experienced user can optimise the insulation qualities by his choice of clothing etc.


The temperature at which the ‘standard’ woman survives in sleeping for six hours without sleep. Without risk of death from hypothermia, but with a risk of other damages to health (such as frostbite)

High-Loft Hollowfibre

Synthetic hollow fibres are processed to a filling fleece (by thermal bonding). To ensure good compression and high loft, silicone is added. Remarkable insulation rating, tear resistant and durable.


Two-layer construction. The upper layer of insultion is sewn to the outer shell material and the lower layer of insultion to the inside lining. It is ensures excellent thermal insulation.


Data sheet

Warranty period
24 months


Deuter si a German manufacturer of hiking bags, bags for snow sports, sport packs and others. It was founded by Hans Deuter in 1898 in Ausburg. During inter-war period they launch the production of tents, suitcases, and other things for the needs of the army. Today is Deuter important distributor of backpacks for sport, trekking or school bags. In addition to it Deuter produces even other outdoor equipment like sleeping bags, first aid kits, gaiters... The main advantage of Deuter products is unique design, detailed elaboration and very high quality. More about Deuter