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These pack sacks store, protect and organise all sorts of outdoor gear and clothing. They are even lighter now and also easier to open and close with their fixed drawcords and handles.
Volume (l)
Product ref. Color Volume Height Weight Diameter Shipping
3 l 24 cm 30 g 13 cm in 3 days - at supplier stock
5 l 28 cm 40 g 17 cm in stock - shipping today
9 l 33 cm 50 g 20 cm in stock - shipping today
15 l 40 cm 65 g 23 cm in stock - shipping today

Product details

Triple ripstop 70

This soft nylon material with 70D fiber has a high abrasion resistance. It is also very light and packaging material and is therefore ideal for the production of storage and other packaging. It also has a PU coating that offers protection against water.


Nylon stands for a long chain of synthetic polymers, which became extremely popular in the textile business. Nylon was the first synthetic fibre ever produced. Nylon polymer is a high performance material used in plastic and fiber applications that demand exceptional durability, heat-resistance and toughness. Nylon fibers make material lightweight, tear resistant and extremely solid.

Data sheet

Polyester 80% & Nylon 20%
Warranty period
24 months


Deuter si a German manufacturer of hiking bags, bags for snow sports, sport packs and others. It was founded by Hans Deuter in 1898 in Ausburg. During inter-war period they launch the production of tents, suitcases, and other things for the needs of the army. Today is Deuter important distributor of backpacks for sport, trekking or school bags. In addition to it Deuter produces even other outdoor equipment like sleeping bags, first aid kits, gaiters... The main advantage of Deuter products is unique design, detailed elaboration and very high quality. More about Deuter