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The multi-purpose women’s t-shirt Hipster from La sportiva will appreciate during both climbing and other leisure activities as well as normal wearing. Thanks to the nice cut and the used cotton, which naturally prevents unpleasant smells, you will feel comfortable and can achive great results.
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Breathability is the ability of a garment to transport moisture away from the skin to the garment´s outer surface. The most effective moisture fabrics are high-tech synthetic fabrics which are made from polyamide or polyester microfibres. These are lightweight, are capable of transporting moisture efficiently, and dry relatively quickly. The leading manufacturer of polyester-based materials is Invista. This company´s CoolMax and Thermolite brands are found in a wide range of garments for sports and outdoor activities.


Stretch material is made from synthetic fibers such as Spandex, Lycra or Elastane for its exceptional elasticity. Spandex is the preferred name in North America, in continental Europe it is referred to by variants of Elastane, and in the other countries it is known primarily as Lycra. The benefit of a stretch fabric is its significant strength and elasticity and its ability to return to the original shape after stretching and faster drying than ordinary fabrics. The name „spandex“ is an anagram of the word „expands“. Because of its elasticity and strength (stretching up to five times its length), spandex has been incorporated into a wide range of garments, especially in sports clothing.

Regular fit

Regular fit clothing is loose, whereas slim-fit styles are quite tight. The chest, arms, waist are all relaxed. Regular fit is still impeccably tailored to flatter your individual body shape and size.


One of the most important qualities of garments is durability. Of the most common fabric types used in clothing, polyester is generally the most durable. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, engineered to be stronger and more flexible than natural fibers, such as cotton.The polyester used in garment fabric is known for being wrinkle resistant, durable, and good at retaining color dyes. Polyester garments can be worn often without the need to be ironed. Polyester is good with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial additives to fight perspiration and fight odor, respectively. Cotton is arguably the least durable of common garment fabrics. People prefer cotton shirts for their softness and natural feel, but with this soft to touch quality comes less resilience and durability. Cotton mixed with polyester is ideal choice for this resilient wardrobe staple.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of any syntetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its worldwide production grows at a rate of more than 50 % per year. Cotton growers who make the transition to biologically based growing practices expect not only to offer a healthier and cleaner product, but also benefit the planet. Environmental consequences of the elevated use of chemicals in the non-organic cotton consist of pollution of the air and surface water, residual chemicals may irritate consumers´skin.


Cotton is a soft, fluffy fiber that grows in a boll, around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium. It´s the most widely used natural fiber cloth in clothing today. The use of cotton for fabric is known to date to 7.000 BC. Natural cotton is characterized by great moisture absorption. Cotton is soft and breathable and doesn´t retain odors like oil-based fabrics ….. Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics. In addition, the cotton textile is durable, strong and tough …...

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Cotton 100%
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La Sportiva

La Sportiva is a popular brand of footwear for mountaineering, climbing, and skiing from Italy. Their products are widely spread in Europe and North America. It was founded by Narcisco Delladio in 1928 in Italy. At the beginning it was produced only a few models for local mountaineers but over the years, interest in the La Sportiva shoes greatly expanded. Today they produce wide range of especially climbing, hiking, running and expedition shoes with nearly 100 years of tradition and very high quality. More about La Sportiva

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