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Universal Gloves Powerstretch

Ski Touring Snowshoeing Winterhiking
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Comfortable and flexible gloves from Polartech Power Stretch Pro are designed for all winter outdoor activities. A fast drying, moisture-wicking gloves keeps your hands warm.
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Polartec Power Stretch Pro

Material excels by resilient stretch in 4-waysm which allows almost unlimited movement of body. Enhanced durability of fabric is caused thanks nylon surface. All these features in combination with excellent moisture management makes Polartec Power Stretch Pro user’s comfort solution for all layers of insulation garment for whole year using. Water v....Read more


Spandex is a lightweight, synthetic fiber that is used to make stretchable clothing such as sportswear. Spandex fibers can be stretched to almost 500 % of their length and will return almost exactly back to original size and shape. The fibers are soft, and smooth. They are easily dyed. They are also resilient since they are resistant to abrasion and the deleterious effects of body oils, perspiration, and detergents.


Nylon stands for a long chain of synthetic polymers, which became extremely popular in the textile business. Nylon was the first synthetic fibre ever produced. Nylon polymer is a high performance material used in plastic and fiber applications that demand exceptional durability, heat-resistance and toughness. Nylon fibers make material lightweight, tear resistant and extremely solid.

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Polyester 53% & Nylon 38% & Spandex 9%
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24 months


WARM on body = PEACE in soul - this is the main motto of Czech brand producing outdoor equipment. Warmpeace is known since the mid of 80ties when they manufactured feather sleeping bags and clothes but only for them and their friends. Later, however, production expanded, and today is Warmpeace a well-known brand in the Czech Republic and even on foreign markets. The assortment gradually expanded to include other technical components (not just down production), clothing and other equipment. More about Warmpeace