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School backpacks There are 14 products.

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  • 5 391 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

    Beautifully baby set consists of school bags, gym bag, pencil case, staff little bag and purse. This kit is characterized by its functionality and beautifull children’s themes. The perfect gift for children who prepare for firt days in school.

    5 391 Kč Tax included
    • 3 231 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

      Active-Comfort fit carry system for the special needs of first and second grade school kids. The ergonomically shaped pads snuggly git the small backs, provide optimum weight control and easy carry.

      3 231 Kč Tax included
      • 495 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

        Simple, practical and cool gym or out-and-about bag with an additional zipped pocket on the front.

        495 Kč Tax included
        • 2 421 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

          Backpack contain many pockets and compartments for storage of schoolboy supplies. See-through lid under which could be slip stickers will love every first grader. Back system is comfortable due to padding straps and back area. Comes with matching pencil case and gym bag, which can be attached to a backpack.

          2 421 Kč Tax included
          • 2 691 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

            There are many obstacles on the way to school! You have to run to catch the bus, jump puddles or climb trees. That’s why you need a super solid backpack with a perfect fit. The Active Comfort fit guarantees maximum freedom of movement.

            2 691 Kč Tax included
            • 1 215 Kč Shipping within 2 weeks Tax included

              Waldfuchs 14 is perfect for trips and tours with your children. Roomy backpack can accommodate a snack, spare clothes and other necessary things. Comfortable padding, sittin mat, compartment for wet clothes and other functional details will be appreciated by children.

              1 215 Kč Tax included
              • 2 925 Kč Shipping within 2 weeks Tax included

                Kid’s school bag is firstly intended for active and eager for knowledge schooler. Loops for skateboard, many practical pockets and compartments will apreciate every child. Backpack is suitable for kid from 145 cm to 180 cm.

                2 925 Kč Tax included
                • 2 205 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

                  School backpack for older children, equipped with numerous compartments and pockets not only for school stuff, books and excercisebooks are in color-coded A4 compartment on the back. Good load distribution with padded straps and back area.

                  2 205 Kč Tax included
                  • 1 701 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

                    Kids tourist backpack for demanding hikers. A 20-liter backpack fits perfectly on children’s body and provides freedom of movement. ACS Tight back system provides excellent back ventilation. The backpack can be fitted with hydration bladder, or trecking holes, there is also integrated rain cover.

                    1 701 Kč Tax included
                    • 1 215 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

                      Backpack for children 6+ years has a capacity of 16 liters and retain gear of small adventurer. Comfortable padding and anatomic shape designed for younger children. Removable sit mat and name card will be good not only during rest breaks on school trips.

                      1 215 Kč Tax included
                      • 981 Kč Shipping within 2 weeks Tax included

                        Comfortable children’s backpack designed for trips and other kid’s activities. Airstripes back system wicks moisture away from body, comfortable shaping and padding provide the required support. The wet laundry pocket, elastic side pockets, elastic front fastener are practical helpers.

                        981 Kč Tax included
                        • 765 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

                          The backpack for the youngest children to kindergarten and on trips. In 11 liters can your child carry snack or other clothes. The specially developed suspension system Snuggle UP for young children aged three years is very comfortable and distribute the load for maximum freedom of movement.

                          765 Kč Tax included
                          • 5 841 Kč Shipping within 2 weeks Tax included

                            Children School set in beautiful designs for all activ school kids. The set consists of a backpack, Hopper bag, pencil case, little bag and wallet. The entire set is made in quality design and is equipped with many playful details.

                            5 841 Kč Tax included
                            • 981 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

                              Amazing, with many pockets and compartments equipped backpack for smaller children. Playful piece has padded back and straps, back system ACS Tigh provides excellent ventilation. Compartment for hydration bag, LED light attachment or name card are great facilities for tours and excursions.

                              981 Kč Tax included
                              Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items