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    With 9b+ climbing never stops!!!  We offer You free entrance to Belgium Boulder City. *

    How to get your first free entrance ? Is easy - just tell us that you find Boulder City in 9b+ page and Enjoy climbing !!!

    *Free entrance is valid only for your first visit.

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Working seats There are 7 products.

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  • 616 Kč Shipping within 1 week Tax included

    Ledge ligth is suitable for work use in more demanding activities, for rest in heights and for other demanding activities. The seat is made of high quality durable materials, it is lightweight and compact. This is not a PPE.

    616 Kč Tax included
    • 2 295 Kč Shipping within 1 week Tax included

      Work bench with the possibility of positioning according to the user’s needs. The seat is suitable for more demanding activities while working on the rope. On the seat are additional loops for storage of equipment. This is not a PPE.

      2 295 Kč Tax included
      • 2 250 Kč Shipping within 3 days Tax included

        Franklin positioning seat for work at heights. The seat is designed to be used together with fall arrester or work possitioning harnesses. The straps do not press to your body. Wide sitting area ensures good stability and allows comfortable hanging as well as standing work position. 3 D-rings for tools and other equipment.

        2 250 Kč Tax included
        • 4 284 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

          Wide seats for volt harness for greater comfort in suspension. Seat installs in two side slots of the harness.

          4 284 Kč Tax included
          • 2 340 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

            Comfortable seat for harness for tree care. Adjustable width allows easier movement within the tree. It contains DoubleBack buckles for easy and quick adjustment and easy to position on the back.

            2 340 Kč Tax included
            • 3 699 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

              Seat for prolonged suspension is very comfortable and wide therefore provides excellent stability. DoubleBack buckles for easy and quick adjustment. Rigid side for protection the thighs.

              3 699 Kč Tax included
              • 1 836 Kč Out of stock Tax included

                Special bench is used and greatly facilitates work at heights. When working at height is necessary to use protective equippment and fall arresters.

                1 836 Kč Tax included
                Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items