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    With 9b+ climbing never stops!!!  We offer You free entrance to Belgium Boulder City. *

    How to get your first free entrance ? Is easy - just tell us that you find Boulder City in 9b+ page and Enjoy climbing !!!

    *Free entrance is valid only for your first visit.

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  • 161 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

    Paracord bracelet with a whistle and firestarter is popular not only equips passionate tourists. This inconspicuous dopněk is used as an emergency cord with capacity up to 249 kg. It can be used for example for building a shelter instead of laces, or noouzové rappelling. Cord length is about 3 meters.

    161 Kč Tax included
    • 166 Kč In stock - immediately shipping Tax included

      Magnesium flint made of steel is perfect for nature and challenging treks. Tinderbox can start fire even in damp conditions. The helper is far more reliable than matches or lighters. Before using, it is necessary to remove the black color of the magnesium rod.

      166 Kč Tax included
      • 414 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

        Spark igniter suitable for outdoor activities. Lighter is resistant to moisture and damage. Sparks reaching temperatures up to 3000 °C. The practical and lightweight utility is also fitted with the cartridge opener.

        414 Kč Tax included
        • 270 Kč Shipping within 3 weeks Tax included

          Lighter to ignite the flame of a gas stove, suitable to nature, camp or cottage. Thanks to longer common system design without compromising ignite the stove burning. Not suitable for ignition cookers Reactor and Windboller.

          270 Kč Tax included
          Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items