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Trekker is the most favourite of our self-inflating mats. It has excellent quality of material and processing.
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ANTI-SLIP SURFACE „YATE MICRO BRUSHED - Even the best mat may not entirely serve to its purpose, when you slip off with your sleeping bag. For this reason ve evolved special surface with anti-slip material „MICRO BRUSHED“ which increases the friction and prevents the sleeping bag from slipping.

Push in

Push In Valve - you only need to press once and it seals, turn it and it is tightly locked. Reverse the procedure, the valve is released and mattress over 5 minutes inflates itself.


Modern products are usually not only pleasant to the eye but also have many technical amenities and details which are hidden but dramatically improve quality of the product and make it unique. Self-inflating mats have three major quality factors 1) light weight 2) small size when packed 3) long lifespan. The light weight is achieved by selection of high-quality materials both for surface of the mat and the core. This material must be not only light but also firm and durable. We also lighten the mat by using lightweight inner foam. However this is not done at the expense of comfortability and insulation qualities of the mat. The choice of material and the way of lightening of the mat has significant impact on the size of packed mat. All of our product has double layer of insulation which prevents air against air leaking, this insuation is applied to top layer of the fibre. This ensures maximum protection and long lifespan of the product. Each mat is tested for 24 hours after manufacturing, which helps us avoid selling defective products..


Thermal resistance is the feature which is today usually stated with sleepíng mats. Thermal resistance - R is physical quantity which states thermo-isolational properties of a material. It is dependent on thickness of the material and ?. When we want to make R as high as possible, we aim for the maximal possible thickness of the material and at the same time we are trying to keep ? as low as possible. Thermal resistance R stands for resistance of 1 m2 of material against transmission of heat energy in difference of temperatures 1 K. Coefficient of thermal conductivity ? represents the ability of material to conduct thermic power. It is a value of W wich transmits through material of 1 m of thickness when the difference between temeperatures of surfaces is 1 K. Notes: R = d / ? (m2.K.W-1); d - thickness of the material (m); ? - Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material (W.m-1.K-1).

Data sheet

Polyester 75D & Polyester 150D
Pack size
14x26 cm
Thermo resistance_R
Warranty period
24 months


YATE is an original Czech company, founded in 1991. At the beginning YATE imported foam and mats and since 1995 started offer their own products. They produce swimming aids, accessories for fitness and foam floors and other products for outdoor activities. For several years YATE products even the archery targets. Main feature which all these branches connects is Polyethylene foam which is YATE producing for 25 years. YATE cooperates with many personalities and together they get information about quality of products and requests for their improvements. More about Yate