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Warm tank top is perfect for various sports activities, but also for everyday wear. Thanks to Merino wool shirt will last longer fresh and pleasantly warm, additive polyamide fibers effectively removes perspiration. Shirt is comfortable with double-layer wave with excellent thermoregulation.
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Comfort wool

  • Comfort wool collection contains quality woolen clothes for everyday use.
  • Clothes is made from merino wool - the best natural raw material.
  • Merino wool is very pleasant to touch, doesn't bite and is very thin (4x less than human hair).
  • Thanks to the perfect flexibility of wool, clothes adapts perfectly to the body, does not crease and flat seams does not leave any traces.
  • The combination of natural wool, functional microfibers and two-layer construction ensures perfect thermoregulatory properties and maximum comfort.
  • Clothes quickly dries, greatly increases thermal comfort and maintains a constant body temperature.
  • Activity level 3 - everyday (max. 7).

Merino Wool

A natural microfiber from top class merino wool protecting against chilling and overheating of the body. It is characterized by great moisture absorption parameters and breathability.

Seamless construction

The traditional seamless system of Brubeck was applied only to socks and underwear. After that 3D technology has also been used to create much larger and more complex patterns, which has created the unique seamless Brubeck system.


Merino is a natural microfiber from top class merino wool, protecting against chilling and overheating of the body. It´s characterized by great moisture absorption parameters / up to 33 % of its volume / and breathability. Merino is a very unusual breed of sheep known for its unique soft and fine wool. Its fibers are extraordinarily thin. Today´s most valued wool comes from the Australian breeds of merino sheep. Their fleece is sheared at least once a year, as it grows all the time.


Elastane synthetic fibres can be stretched from four to seven times their length, reverting to their original length when the tension is relaxed. Two per cent elastane is enough to make trousers, for instance, retain their shape. For body-shaped silhouette and high stretch capacity, i.e. in swimwear, corsetry or sportswear, 15 - 40% elastane is used. Elastane fibres guarantee a high degree of comfort combined with great freedom of movement. In woven and knitted fabrics elastane increases shape retention and accelerates crease recovery.

Data sheet

Polyamide 57% & Merino 41% & Elastane 2%
Warranty period
24 months


Brubeck, established in 2005, is a Europe’s leading producer that is a specialized for producing functional underwear, termo sportswear, as well as seamless underwear. Quality of technology is highlighted thanks to the materials, which are especially advanced synthetic fibers, Merino wool and cotton Swiss. More about Brubeck

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