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Proven sandals by long tradition of wearing almost anywhere. These versatile sandals will be your companion on the road, where you will appreciate antimicrobial sole that reduces odor formation. Adjustable straps ensure that shoes fit each foot.
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Closure type


Shoe has velcro closure.

Smart Eco-Logic Bag


Smart and reusable packaging, ideal for transporting dirty or wet sandals.


X-Strap Patent

Unique strap system with 6 anchoring points. The heel and the arch straps are independent of one another, for a perfect secured fit.


SOURCE exclusive-rubberized EVA withAnti-microbial agent: The skin of the moldedsheet is brushed leaving microspores open on thesurface which reduce perspiration while giving apliant cushion for the foot.

Odor controlled footbed

Technology utilized FDA approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent integrated permanently in the upper soles of our sandals, keeping your feet cool and dry, and preventing odor.

Option Mules

Opening the heel strap and adjusting it with the forefoot strap easily converts a sandal to a slip-on.

Outsole - A.R.T 2 GRIP

SOURCE�s Genuine rubber compound for bottom soles. Non-Marking, Non-Slip high friction sticky sole even in wet conditions and very high abrasion resistance.

Triple-Layer Sole

Three separate layers - foot contact, intermediate cushioning and ground contact - allow for fine-tuned parameters, such as grip, durability, shock absorption and weight. The result is a perfect balance, and you can feel the difference after one week of use.

Data sheet

Rubber & Polypropylene & EVA
Warranty period
24 months


Source is a brand founded in 1989 in Israel. I tis well-known manufacturer that focuses on the production of water reservoirs ("camelback "), bottles, sandals and a various of outdoor needs. The philosophy of the company takes heed on creation of quality, original and especially function equipment for everyone. For the brand Source is important simplicity, ecology and tradition. Source annually devoted 5% of profits to social and environmental activities. More about Source

Size Table


Classic men

Size EU Size US Size UK Foot size (mm)
36 4 3.5 220
37 4.5 4 225
38 5.5 5 230
39 6 5.5 235
40 7 6.5 245
41 8 7.5 255
42 8.5 8 260
43 9 8.5 265
44 10 9.5 275
45 11 10.5 280
46 11.5 11 285
47 12 12 290
48 12.5 12.5 300